US 65 south of Hollister Exit

The Hollister, MO exit on US 65 sits just north of the Arkansas border, as well as travel, hospitality, golfing, boating, fishing, and other outdoor destinations. A key location, high on a hill, allows this billboard to have a long read time from either direction. Clean, bold, simple copy makes a huge impact here.

US 65 s/o Hollister, MO, S/F.
14'x36' digital billboard on US 65 just south of Hollister, MO, facing south.

US 65 south of Hollister, South facing

Hollister, MO 65672

Size: 14’x36′

Billboard Type: Digital

Lat/Long: 36.603626, -93.235453

Geopath ID: 30907603

Total Weekly Impressions: 50,958

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