Our Team

Larry Lipscomb

Managing Member

Stuart Lipscomb


Jeff LaRocca

Vice President of Sales

Cathy Briggs

Office Manager

Our History

As our company name suggests, Pioneer Outdoor was an early provider of quality outdoor advertising in Southwest Missouri. Lester E. Cox used the original Pioneer Advertising to promote his business interests in TV and Radio stations across the Ozarks. It was not until his son-in-law, Jack E. Lipscomb, bought into the company and eventually took it over, growing the company and turning it into a regional leader in billboard advertising. Jack E. Lipscomb was also extremely instrumental in the Outdoor Association of America and a key player in national regulations for the entire billboard industry.

Jack’s son, Larry, worked his way up, becoming president of Pioneer Advertising. As the industry grew, Larry sought out growth for the company through the construction of new locations and the acquisitions of other outdoor advertising companies, becoming the largest billboard company in the region.

In 1997, Jack and Larry saw an opportunity to divest Pioneer Advertising’s assets to Lamar Advertising. It was not until 2011 that Larry would start Pioneer Outdoor and take on his son, Stuart, to learn the business. With the introduction of digital billboards, Pioneer Outdoor continues to grow, still seeking to provide the Ozarks with unmatched quality and experience in outdoor advertising.